Filipino Street Style and my first impressions

Let’s rewind a bit…

Earlier this year, I travelled to the Philippines to visit my family. Before you ask, no, I’m not Filipino, but half of my family did move there from Australia 15 years ago.

One of the best things to do in Manilla is to shop, but I don’t shop at any Mall or SM Mall of Asia, I shop at the black market.

We drove 30 minutes out of the city in traffic like you’ve never seen before. Three lanes were magically turned into six lanes. Jeepneys pushed their way into the traffic with riders casually hanging off the back of the ‘bus’ with one hand. Motorbikes filled the microscopic spaces between the cars making it harder for anyone to move anywhere.

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Week 5-A pause in time critique

‘A pause in time’ was definitely my favourite piece as it resonated to my own life and memories of being within a ballet dance class. The narration of the story was perfect! The character of the interviewee was evident in the tone of her voice thus creating a narrative arc in itself. She went on to describe the factors and stress of the world and the fact that “there is no food at home” in a fast paced rhythm. Then, she takes a breath–a moment of silence– and thoughtfully expresses being lost in dance. The choice of interviewee was perfect!

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