The regulation of cartoons in my house

As children we all remember those little rules that our parents would set for us that we didn’t quite understand. Like, why we needed to be in bed by 8pm when our cousins are still at our house or why we can’t have chocolate after brushing our teeth at night.

One rule that was enforced upon my brother and I when we were growing up was: No Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network is a television channel that had mostly cartoons like  Johnny Bravo, DragonBall Z, Yu-Gi-Oh and The Powerpuff Girls.

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Pretty Little Liars, well they are definitely little– (week 1 revised)

Violence, lies and deception—all current themes that are weaved throughout ‘adult’ programming. Except, it isn’t just restricted to the adult viewership, these same themes are too interwoven into teen and tween drama. However, it is a matter of encoding and decoding the messages within that directly impact the ‘gullible’ audience. Or do they?

In just one year, one thousand murders, rapes and assaults are viewed by adolescence through television shows—thus desensitizing the individual to real life violence. (Dworjan.T, 2015)

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