Movement                                                                            Monique Lombardo   5062949

Movement leaves no traces behind, no evidence as to where a person has been and gone. A dance is too forgotten by the space it once occupied once the music has ended, with the only evident recollection of the movement alive within the mind of the dancer. Accentuating the lost relationship between movement and traces in space, the monochrome dance recording paired with the coloured paint is used to create visual evidence of the movement. This so tracks the overwhelming feeling of a dance within the dancer’s point of view. Drawing upon Jackson Pollock’s Abstract Expressionism collection, which broke away from traditional means of art making practice, he used the repetition of painted lines, to create a variation in the final artwork. This notion is mimicked through the repetition of the dance to create a variation within the painted trace upon the paper. Therefore, expressing that no two movements are the same, where this realisation is only discovered through the visualisation of movement through paint.

Song: Sand- Nathan Lanier