Social Media Mythbuster

When we reference our reality, it’s hard to differentiate between the physical and digital. The two realms have seamlessly begun to integrate itself into one form of reality—meaning that we live within the physical world and cyberspace simultaneously. Social media is the perfect ideal of living in both worlds at once, always connected and always interacting regardless of physical constraints.

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If the Hunger Games happened in real life


If the Hunger Games was real life we would all have our phones out and ready to record the brutality that goes down in the games. We would record rues death and Katniss’ reaction and someone would have uploaded it to YouTube or Facebook to show the world. Before we know it we would all be raising our hands in protest.

That’s how a revolution starts!

But what if I told you that we are already living The Huger Games!

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The battle of Instagram ownership

Imagine the internet as a huge manor where we as the users of this manor cannot change, or sell the land for it is the Feudal Lords that decide how the land is used. We are able to just simply use the Manor, grow crops on its land, upkeep the state of the property.  It sounds like a lot of work right, but what if I told you that you chose to work for free within this manor, everyday!

Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are the manors that we live in daily, however, they have the power to decide how we use the sites, what content we upload and how much access we are granted to the whole site.

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“You blocked me on facebook”- Does that mean we are broken up?


‘Add Friend.’


This is now the new way relationships are formed, on the basis of a click of a button.

With the involvement of social media such as Facebook, Snapchat and Tinder, relationships are in danger.

Girfriends have admitted to cyber-stalking their boyfriend and their friends or even ex-boyfriends. Couples have also surrendered and given their passwords to each other–eliminating any sort of privacy.

How does this impact relationships?

Georgia Stjelja and I roamed the campus of Wollongong to stir an opinion from not only students but too leaders at the campus.

Special thanks to:

Joe, 50 (ECU Christian Club)

Paige, 18 (BCM)

Eliza, 18(BCM)

Jordan,19 (Journalism)

Luke, 19 (BCM/Law)

Declan, 19 (Journalism)

Song: Internet Friends- Knife Party (intro)
Heaven- Lensko