Lecture Stories pt.4

Welcome to the final blog post of my lecture story series!

In response to my last question revolving around Twitter and online lecture recordings, I have discovered that this new digital paradigm comes new anxieties. As a result, lecturers are cautious about what they say as this very public place has now shifted into a permanent space within time.

But then I question about the source of time and how one chooses to utilise this. As the semester progresses, the student attendance decreases thus changing the demographic of students that attend lectures each week.

Within every lecture setting there are the Robert’s and the Susan’s. The Robert’s are students who are relatively new to the University landscape and are simply note taking using the class as a means to an end in securing better job prospects. However, the Susan’s are students who enter into the lecture with base knowledge, ready to build upon their critical thinking and so construct their own knowledge. I often notice that many lecturers disseminate insightful content only to receive looks of confusion from students who are considered ‘Robert’s’.

My question to you this week:

How does the decrease in student attendance impact you emotionally (being the reaction to the decrease in students) and intellectually (being the way your teaching style reflects the change in demographic of students to accommodate to different learners)? Do you notice a change in demographic where one ‘type’ of student is in higher attendance?

If you’re a lecturer or active within lectures and would like to take part of this online discussion about your experiences comment below and find a link here to my Project Information and the intentions of my research.