Sonica is a dynamic generative artwork that replicates the notion and ideas raised by Alvin Lucier’s, ‘I Am Sitting in a Room.’ This 1969 voice performance consisted of the repetition and iteration of the single sentence slowly becoming muddled until the tones of the voice became a series of frequencies. Lucier’s decision to isolate the voice inevitably stripped back ego and identity and so reduced the artwork to simple forms of sound and echo within this sonic environment.  This artwork became my inspiration as I too intended to represent just the echo and sounds of voice.

I achieved this by appropriating the work of Michael Pinn ( to understand the workings of a ripple. From here, I altered the code allowing me to fully understand different functions that I hadn’t previously practiced.  I was comfortable within the confines of iteration of a loop within a grid. I wanted to escape this confine and work with an iteration in individual shapes. This has been an interesting learning experience as I realized that keeping it simple created an aesthetic appeal—much like Lucier’s work—whilst too experimenting with code and shape to replicate and iterate a form that is invisible to the naked eyesound and echo.

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