Lecture Stories pt.2

Reflecting on ‘Lecture Stories pt. 1’, I found that it was hard to recall specific lectures but easier to link specific lectures to specific moments within the lecturers personal history.  One specific comment that struck me was the idea of being in a ‘two body position’ where one is physically visible, whilst too thinking entirely separate to themselves.

This got me thinking about the students within a lecture theatre whom look visible within the lecture, but are mindlessly somewhere else. This week, this thought occurred to me when I was seated behind another student who–like most students–had her laptop out, ready to take notes on the lecture. However, the screen flashed with scenes of the latest Game of Thrones episode. She was visibly present within the lecture whilst being mindlessly absent. I often wonder how lecturers feel about lecturing toward a sea of laptops whilst competing with the attention of students who might be drawn to other websites or their phones. Does this impact their teaching style or create a drive to look for alternate methods to keep students attentive?

Now I ask you, explain to me how you feel about lecturing to a sea of laptops, left in the unknown as to how the technology is being used (for the lecture or for other uses)?

If you’re a lecturer and would like to take part of this online discussion about your experiences comment below and find a link here to my Project Information and the intentions of my research.