Even though the place changes, the road remains the same.

"Moving is great, I get to see all sides of life"--Paige Mott
“Moving is great, I get to see all sides of life”–Paige Mott

After having her life in Sydney uprooted to move to Wagga Wagga then to Bega, eighteen-year old Paige Mott finds herself on the sunny coast of Wollongong.

After living in four polar opposite cities swaping the overtowering buildings for a vast range of farms and cattle in pursuit of her families job prosperity, Paige has decided to forge her own road—completely and utterly unique.

“It’s different… good… I get to find my own way.”

Paige is now set in full motion upon her path at UOW and her degree majoring in journalism. Living by herself is a definite change, one that will allow her to grow and discover her identity.

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