The Working Bee’s of Facebook

While watching this weeks lecture on the current state of liquid labour, I remembered a meme that I saw last year where it stated that Facebook creates no content but is the most popular media site, and it all finally clicked.

I always wondered how it was possible for Facebook to be the largest media company while creating no content.

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A Powerful Voice for Change in a Desperate World

Helplessly waiting for a small pocket of life to pull you from the brim of death is a feeling felt all too well by thousands in the world today.

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Free to take any road

2015-04-08 20.21.21[1]
“Let me climb this rock first”–Georgia Stjelia
As children we are told the sky is the limit. This was no different for eighteen-year old Georgia Stjelia as her parents provided her with tools for exploring the depths of the world–her identity.

Free spirited and opinionated, Georgia follows an unearthed path rather than merging onto the congested and uniformed path that many in society today choose to take.

“My parents always told me: don’t let someone tell you who you are, you’ll figure that out on your own.”

Sometimes that might mean embarking upon unfamiliar terrain, treading water and uncertainty but in the end the view is great and one can look back upon an journey of adventure.

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