Lecture Stories pt. 1

First year lecture, it’s BCM110, Sue Turnbull is flicking through slides and giving her lecture in the traditional Sue way. She turns our attention to a YouTube video, presses play and we watch the whole video. Once it’s done, she starts to analyse the video, only soon to realise that next YouTube video is playing and she can’t figure out how to stop it. This called for ‘Blue Shirt Guy’ to come to the rescue! Just an eager uni student sitting near the front of the lecture theatre didn’t expect all eyes on him as the tech guru when he walked into the lecture one Tuesday afternoon. Before long Twitter was filled with tweets from others in the lecture thanking our saviour, making memes and trends. Within the hour, the once Riley became Blue Shirt Guy to all, he even changed his twitter name to this infamous pseudo! This would have had to have been the most memorable lecture that I have ever attended.

Paint me a picture of what it was like to be part of your most memorable lecture.

If you’re a lecturer and would like to take part of this online discussion about your experiences comment below and find a link here to my Project Information and the intentions of my research.