Brain Implants, JRNL301

Brain Implants and what it really means for society

Brain implants have been around for years with one of the first being the Cochlear Implant which improved hearing ability. In recent years, more and more medical devices have been toggling with the capabilities of brain implants to cure diseases, medical conditions and birth defects.

The Deep Brain Stimulator is a brain implant that has been rolled out within the last few years to cure diseases such as Parkinsons. It uses two electrodes connected to the brain that interrupt the synapse between nerves. This means that the implant is able to alter the information the brain receives in order to change the motion of the body. This is the first wave of invasive brain implants with the capability to control movement and interrupt normal bodily function.

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Exploring the world with new eyes

Kissed by the hidden gems of the world, travel journalists are filled with euphoric endorphin’s to share their experience with the world.

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An adventure like no other!

received_m_mid_1426808963046_f60e960928361d3356_0Travelling to Europe not once, but twice in twelve months to fulfill his life long dream is a sure feat for anyone, let alone being 19!

“I’ve always wanted to travel overseas”

Following his heart into the depths of western Europe, Blake will spend two months on a Contiki tour. He will be fully submerged in the picturesque views and rich history   whist giving him a glimpse into the beauties that is the old world.

(Lets not forget about “sunbaking on the French Riveria” and partying all night long)received_m_mid_1426808978441_13af75cb38d145f058_0

Only just six months later, Blake will return to London to start his “Journalistic based” internship where he would love to explore history and performance.

Mixing his journalism course at UOW with his love for History provides a perfect backdrop from where he will his journey.

After all, “where else in the world, but Europe?”