Strength in Struggle

For many, high school is a time of discovery where teenagers explore the world and build their own unique identity.

Sofia Casanova, struggled with this stage more than most due to her battle with depression. Now that time has past, it is this struggle that has made her exactly who she is today–strong and independent.

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Life entails crooked roads and straight runs.

"Everyone needs that go-to place where its just them and their element"--Luke Simon
“Everyone needs that go-to place where its just them and their element”–Luke Simon

Life can become chaotic, fulfilling and sometimes just a little bit overwhelming. In order to grow and embrace all that life has to offer, there must be a grounded constant—a sanctuary.

Lucky, basketball and photography are two elements where nineteen year old Luke Simon finds himself at home. It is with these where he is able to “identify himself as a member of the world, and ultimately be content with his existence.”

“Basketball stood out as that go-to activity to detatch myself from life. Photography runs parallel to that”

As Luke’s identity began to develop he faced challenges in life; where he found himself drawn to these passions completely.

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Free to take any road

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“Let me climb this rock first”–Georgia Stjelia
As children we are told the sky is the limit. This was no different for eighteen-year old Georgia Stjelia as her parents provided her with tools for exploring the depths of the world–her identity.

Free spirited and opinionated, Georgia follows an unearthed path rather than merging onto the congested and uniformed path that many in society today choose to take.

“My parents always told me: don’t let someone tell you who you are, you’ll figure that out on your own.”

Sometimes that might mean embarking upon unfamiliar terrain, treading water and uncertainty but in the end the view is great and one can look back upon an journey of adventure.

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