Final Assignment–Movement Master Post

The following links will forward to the appropriate blog posts containing my documentation, artist statement, inspiration, artwork and reflection.

Documentation blog post 1

Documentation–Inspiration blog post 2

Documentation–Recording/Process blog post 3

Artists statement and assignment blog post 4

Documentation–Reflection blog post 5



Upon setting up my artwork, I had problems with the scale of the paper compared to the allocated space. After discussing many different places to present the paper,  we decided that it would be best to leave it on the floor. This meant that I had to trim the edges to allow for people to walk around the room without ruining the artwork.

Overall,  I was really pleased to see the finished product( Both the painted butches paper and the video running) as the repetition and variation was really brought to life.



As the final assignment for Meda102 is fast approaching, I discussed with my group the ideas that I had. Initially, I wanted to do an iteration incorporating dance, so had 2 options.

  1. I would perform a dance repetitively using paint on butches paper.
  2. I would dance with pieces of paper that but the end of the dance end up crushed.
    • Both of these iterations would have a recording of me dancing to go with it.

    • I discussed this with my group and we decided that the first option would be the most effective. They also suggested that while recording the dance that will go with the painted butches paper, I should wear the same clothes which will be covered in paint to merge the gap between the paint and no paint.

    • We also decided that the music should be played also as the music is a big element which influences movement.
    • Therefore, the repetition will be in the process of the dancing on the butches paper where the variation will be produced on the paper by the paint as the paint will be smudged and used in different ways throughout the repetition of the dance.