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Nick Murphy responds to fan confusion about his name change

Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, took to https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FChetfaker%2Fposts%2F1146758122028801&width=500” target=”_blank”>Facebook earlier today to explain to the world-and to himself-the reason why he ditched his nom de plume.

His announcement last September shook the Australian music scene when he told the world that her will no longer be using Chet Faker as his stage name. I think a little bit in all of us died as we started to wonder if we’d ever see his unique style of music again.

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Camden Community come together to knit blankets for stillborn babies

Women from all over Camden have dusted off their knitting needles and taken out their wool after a Facebook post inspired them to knit blankets for stillborn babies.

Sharon Taylor took to the Camden-Narellan Community Noticeboard to ask the community to lend their time to make blankets or donate wool to support the Angel Blankets Australia Organization.

After posting to the Facebook page Taylor was inundated with requests of people wanting to help out.

“I didn’t think the response from the community would be so overwhelming but I’m just glad that we can come together to support such a great cause,” she said.

Taylor hopes to continue knitting with the help of the community to provide homemade blankets for still born babies.


The Working Bee’s of Facebook

While watching this weeks lecture on the current state of liquid labour, I remembered a meme that I saw last year where it stated that Facebook creates no content but is the most popular media site, and it all finally clicked.

I always wondered how it was possible for Facebook to be the largest media company while creating no content.

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Is my (media) space really reality?

You know, our parents are right, it is a small world, and it continues to keep getting smaller. But where do I sit in this increasingly small world?

The world we know of today is made up of  multiple media spaces that flow freely, connecting people and sharing stories. Every morning I wake up to a similar routine. I see some friends, take a short trip to Europe, talk to family members in different countries, dance at music festivals and watch the lives of others. This is all before 10 am, and I am still in bed. Life within the 21st Century doesn’t seem so hard does it? Continue reading “Is my (media) space really reality?”


The online world aiding or abetting crime?

After only being published for one hour, Fairfax newspaper, ‘The Age’ was forced to quickly delete an article published on their Facebook page, said to be at the hands of a hacker. Continue reading “The online world aiding or abetting crime?”