Water. Food. Love

Based on the audio piece created by Charna—Suburban Night—I decided to focus on the concept of suburbia but not in the way that we see it. As humans, we go about our busy lifestyle taking little notice to the destruction we are causing to the landscape—both in chaos (cars) and physical destruction (rubbish).

I chose to use a dog as the perspective that we see the world in within my moving still image portrait. Using this perspective, we are able to see how, we as humans, are impacting the world in which he lives in. He can not take a stroll down the road and listen to the birds in the background without getting distracted by cars or curious to see what is on the other side of the fence, or scared of crossing the road—these are all man-mad structures. All a dog needs is water. food. love–his water bowl, food and can scraps  and love replaced by destruction.

I drew inspiration for these images from Photographer Wendy Devent who strapped camera’s to her dog’s neck to allow the audience to see the dog’s perspective of the world.


For the rhythm of the piece I decided to use quick changing photos with very sharp cuts to demonstrate confusion and the fast pace world in which we live in. This concept was derived from the American Horror Story opening credits.

However, I chose to use moments of visual silence as the scenes flash to black to convey movement to another part of the dogs journey. In these moments, I used dog sound effects like panting, running, barking and the jingling of his collar–an idea stemming from the movie Fight Club.