Social Media Mythbuster: Hashtags

Hashtags have become a staple for social media marketing. The first hashtag was coined by Chris Messina in 2007 where he proposed an idea that Twitter should start using hashtags to create groups online.

tweet chris.png
(Chris Messina’s Twitter account)

Since then, hashtags have become an integral element within the social media realms of Facebook and Instagram.

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Week 2-Where the heart finds its way

Lights pulsating, reverberating upon the dancefloor–where hands find their way.

The sounds of each beat flowing from the musicians hands–where the feet find their way.

The open space where each cha-cha is perfectly timed on the dancefloor, seeminglessly, as the mind is lost within the rhythm–where the heart finds their way. Continue reading “Week 2-Where the heart finds its way”