My Blogging Reflection

Blogging over the past nine weeks has allowed me to create a deeper understanding of my sense of self. Initially, my blog was a place for un-related posts that I uploaded with no real thought of the audience’s perception of my work or even what each blog post meant. Before starting this class, my blog posts looked like tiny pieces of broken glass serving no greater purpose. During this blogging experience I have transformed my blogging style in an effort to glue the pieces of broken glass together with one key and common factor—the discovery of authorship. Now, my blog posts have become auto-ethnographical accounts that link each week’s topic to an element of my life, culture or past. This allowed me to blog as a researcher whilst also blogging for myself and identifying the key links between the two.

This nature of authorship was coined by Joel Bloch and Cathryn Crosby who’s work inspired me to transform my blogging practices into something valuable.

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Life entails crooked roads and straight runs.

"Everyone needs that go-to place where its just them and their element"--Luke Simon
“Everyone needs that go-to place where its just them and their element”–Luke Simon

Life can become chaotic, fulfilling and sometimes just a little bit overwhelming. In order to grow and embrace all that life has to offer, there must be a grounded constant—a sanctuary.

Lucky, basketball and photography are two elements where nineteen year old Luke Simon finds himself at home. It is with these where he is able to “identify himself as a member of the world, and ultimately be content with his existence.”

“Basketball stood out as that go-to activity to detatch myself from life. Photography runs parallel to that”

As Luke’s identity began to develop he faced challenges in life; where he found himself drawn to these passions completely.

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