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Scale and Speed : censorship

Our cyberspace has many affordances and limitations, but these aren’t always imposed on us by the technology itself, but rather controlling forces that seek to maintain power. 

Cyberspace has introduced scale being control and speed being coordination into society where we can now send messages to large group of people and coordinate an action instantaneously. However, this creates a new sort of power and because everyday people have access to the affordances of cyberspace, everyday people now also hold some amount of power. 

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Media Rulers

Let’s re-enter the realm that was the early 17th Century where Kings and Queens sat upon a cushioned seat, crown placed on their heads and manipulating the nobles of the country in order ensure that it was fully under their reign.

Fast forward to today, remove the cushioned seat and replace the crown to newspaper, television and radio and there you have it. The rulers of the media world. Continue reading “Media Rulers”