I’ve decided to source music that does not have a sound, yet, at the same time is very dynamic. After a few hours of searching I found the song Sand.

The song starts our slow then intensifies. I want to subtlety express this in the paint.

My inspiration for this piece stems from an artwork I was shown in the lecture by Jackson Pollock with the art period of Abstract Expressionism.

Jackson Pollock

This artwork stood our for me within the lectures as it is unconventional yet displays the ideals of repetition of the strokes to create a variation as a whole. This art form as a whole emerged in the early 1940’s where artists escaped from the norms of art making practice and style to produce avante garde artworks which convey the inner psyche, vulnerability irrationality and anxiety amidst World War II. Pollock abandoned the use of paint brushes and used raw paint to dab and splatter across the canvas–this challenged the classification of art as this practice was never seen before.

I wanted produce something similar mimicking the scale, size and intent whilst using the technique of dancing which futher stems away from the conventions of artmaking practice.

Jackson Pollock Autumn

After further research, I came across this artwork which seems to be in sections from left to right (in three columns). I wanted to do something similar so instead of the individual pieces of butches paper, I spoke with Glen from tech support who was able to provide me with large pieces of butches paper in a roll. With this in mind, I created a dance which is somewhat within the confines of a small dance space so that there is a subtle indication as to the sections on the paper between dances. However, I also wanted the dance to overlap so I choreographed the dance so the my arms would flick paint further and my feet would smudge paint int a new section–thus mimicking a flowing dance which has no start or finish.