Assignment 3: Robots beating journalists to the deadline



Week 12/13- Critique

‘Grand-scale Interactive News: A Game Changer‘ is a storify report written last year details in the 2014 trend of digital mega stories. This report has a very formal approach which allows for the sentences to flow effectively. The link to the theory of narrative sets the report within critical thinking and so acts as a backbone for the article. With this in mind, sources are skillfully layered on top in a mix of academic and news sourced articles that provided a well rounded argument. This article uses a sufficient amount of embedded links along with embedded sources that vary in origin (twitter, images, articles). Overall, this storify report was very engaging and captured the essence of the assignment.

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Whats Hidden–The Hidden lives of a Fathers children

The ability to be a part of your children’s life is a right no father should have to live without. This harsh fate is the case for many father’s around the world as divorce—increasingly common—reduces a parent’s relationship with their kids to a simple piece of paper ruled by the courts. This was not the case for 37 year old Scott Whittle.

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The Tale of Two Cities

Home. For many home is a place of safety, love and wholeness, for my father Antonino Lombardo, home is a grey area, not here, nor there but simultaneously both. When forced to retreat to a poverty stricken country to seek refugee for imminent bankruptcy, he was inevitably leaving a piece of himself behind; his children, his lifestyle.

Arriving in the Philippines, life as he knew it was turned upside down as he was faced with slums with which ‘The Daily Mail’ deem as some of the poorest in the world”. Although, as time went on, calling two different cities home has broadened his appreciation of the little things in life.

Read more here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3148193/Beneath-poverty-line-Children-Philippines-risk-lives-sifting-floating-rubbish-filthy-rivers-material-sell-survive.html