A Powerful Voice for Change in a Desperate World

Helplessly waiting for a small pocket of life to pull you from the brim of death is a feeling felt all too well by thousands in the world today.

The incredible feeling of endearment surges as the prosperity of saving the life of another fuels the need to donate blood. Continue reading “A Powerful Voice for Change in a Desperate World”


Exploring the world with new eyes

Kissed by the hidden gems of the world, travel journalists are filled with euphoric endorphin’s to share their experience with the world.

However, aspiring travel journalists at the University of Wollongong have a different outlook as to where travel journalism will take them in the midst of a revolutionized technological landscape. Continue reading “Exploring the world with new eyes”


The online world aiding or abetting crime?

After only being published for one hour, Fairfax newspaper, ‘The Age’ was forced to quickly delete an article published on their Facebook page, said to be at the hands of a hacker. Continue reading “The online world aiding or abetting crime?”



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Fifty shades of what?

Fifty Shades of Grey was all the craze, first the book and then the movie. Not many people can say that they haven’t heard of it–if so, they live under a rock!

E.L James created a provocative world in print, then transformed into script. Now buildings, busses and billboards are plastered with advertising for the phenomenon.

Georgia Stjelja and I were driven to find out the opinion of UOW students on this growing phenomenon. Was it too commercialised? Too provocative? Unrealistic?

Special thanks to:

Mia, 18 (BCM)

Bob, 50 (Buisness)

Emma, 18 (BCM)

Ethan, 18 (IT)

Natasha, 18 (BCM/JRNL)

Harry, 18(BCM/JRNL)

Daniel, 18(BCM/JRNL)

Song: Elastic Heart- Sia (Instrumental/Backup song) –INTRO

           Microchip- Jason Farnham


“You blocked me on facebook”- Does that mean we are broken up?


‘Add Friend.’


This is now the new way relationships are formed, on the basis of a click of a button.

With the involvement of social media such as Facebook, Snapchat and Tinder, relationships are in danger.

Girfriends have admitted to cyber-stalking their boyfriend and their friends or even ex-boyfriends. Couples have also surrendered and given their passwords to each other–eliminating any sort of privacy.

How does this impact relationships?

Georgia Stjelja and I roamed the campus of Wollongong to stir an opinion from not only students but too leaders at the campus.

Special thanks to:

Joe, 50 (ECU Christian Club)

Paige, 18 (BCM)

Eliza, 18(BCM)

Jordan,19 (Journalism)

Luke, 19 (BCM/Law)

Declan, 19 (Journalism)

Song: Internet Friends- Knife Party (intro)
Heaven- Lensko


Strength in Struggle

For many, high school is a time of discovery where teenagers explore the world and build their own unique identity.

Sofia Casanova, struggled with this stage more than most due to her battle with depression. Now that time has past, it is this struggle that has made her exactly who she is today–strong and independent.

Follow her path here.


‘Study’ breaks

The pool table-the centre of 'study' time
The pool table-the centre of ‘study’ time


Three hour break.


“I have a three hour break to do all my uni work”—said the naive first year uni student.

This very spacious break doesn’t seem to be long enough! The books, pens and laptops are tucked away and temporarily forgotten replaced with chatter, food and pool—the best past times.

After just five weeks, I now know that this beloved Monday morning break is no longer utilised for proactive students wishing to complete their work. Yet, it is but an opportunity to socialise with new friends and play a game of pool where everyone gets really competitive—not that I’ve ever one a game of pool.


When the blue bus shunts toward us, its the start of a new day

Reaching for the 'stop' button can be almost impossible on a crowded bus
Reaching for the ‘stop’ button can be almost impossible on a crowded bus

3:45pm and we’re still waiting.

The bus appears–late as usual at this time.

A misshapen line forms where its familiar to get shoved back and forth, poked and squished in the effort to secure a seat on the hour long commute from Wollongong to Campbeltown.

As more people pile onto the bus, the floor becomes an inviting place to sit and retreat. The bus is filled with chatter whilst two performance students belt out tunes to beloved songs enticing others to join in.

Headphones are plugged in–trying to overpower the bus drivers awful taste in music.

Welcome to the next three years of University life.