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Brain Implants Case Study

Brain Implants have the capability to restore movement to the body by interrupting brain signals and replacing them with their own.

In 2015, Nathan Copeland was implanted with one of the first iterations of brain implants with four electrodes connected to his brain. In 2005, Copeland was paralysed in a car accident, however, this brain implants allowed him to regain feeling in his fingertips and control robotic arm using his brain.

The innovation of brain implants opens a new world of possibilities for people suffering from diseases and medical conditions.



Kasulis K 2016 ‘Mind control brain implants are real don’t be scared they could do a lot of good,’ Mic Daily <;

Brain Implants, JRNL301

Brain Implants and what it really means for society

Brain implants have been around for years with one of the first being the Cochlear Implant which improved hearing ability. In recent years, more and more medical devices have been toggling with the capabilities of brain implants to cure diseases, medical conditions and birth defects.

The Deep Brain Stimulator is a brain implant that has been rolled out within the last few years to cure diseases such as Parkinsons. It uses two electrodes connected to the brain that interrupt the synapse between nerves. This means that the implant is able to alter the information the brain receives in order to change the motion of the body. This is the first wave of invasive brain implants with the capability to control movement and interrupt normal bodily function.

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Camden residents prepare to enjoy a safe yet fun Halloween

Children all over Camden are preparing to put on their scariest costumes this Halloween.

The NSW State Police have reminded trick-or-treaters to have fun but remember to stay safe during this year’s festivities.

Chief Superintendent Brad Shephard released guidelines last Friday to ensure that children and their parents are well informed about the best ways to participate in Halloween activities over the weekend.

“With the increasing popularity of children participating in ‘trick or treating’ activities, it is safest for children to remain in groups and only approach houses in daylight,” Chief Superintendant Shepherd said.

“Younger children should always be supervised by a parent, carer or responsible adult at all times.

“It is important to recognise that not everyone celebrates Halloween each year – so it is best to stick to houses with decorations on their properties.”

More homes than ever within the Camden area have set up haunted houses to create an all sensory experience for trick-or-treaters.

Local haunted house owner, Tony Kennedy says that even though he is looking for that wow-factor, he has made sure that his hand-made props are safe for children to interact with.

“With the electric chair that I built, I used a sander as the motor which sends vibrations through the chair—to make it feel somewhat real, but without the electrocution,” Mr Kennedy said.

However, Mr  Kennedy does recommend that children proceed with caution as they enter his ‘chop shop’ at the rear of his property as it is not suitable for children who scare

“It has feet hanging from the roof, fingers in jars and props that come to life when people enter the shed,” he said.

Despite the safety precautions taken by some residents to ensure their set ups are child-friendly, some parents believe that it is not safe enough.

Mother of two, Kirsty Fairbairn believes that its dangerous for young children to roam the streets at night with the looming threat of stranger danger.

“You don’t know who’s out there,” she said.

“My kids could walk to the front door and something terrible could happen.”

With Halloween customs calling trick-or-treaters to approach a stranger’s door to collect lollies, NSW State Police stress the importance of children being aware of their surroundings whilst remembering to never enter into someone’s home, even if invited in.

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Camden Community come together to knit blankets for stillborn babies

Women from all over Camden have dusted off their knitting needles and taken out their wool after a Facebook post inspired them to knit blankets for stillborn babies.

Sharon Taylor took to the Camden-Narellan Community Noticeboard to ask the community to lend their time to make blankets or donate wool to support the Angel Blankets Australia Organization.

After posting to the Facebook page Taylor was inundated with requests of people wanting to help out.

“I didn’t think the response from the community would be so overwhelming but I’m just glad that we can come together to support such a great cause,” she said.

Taylor hopes to continue knitting with the help of the community to provide homemade blankets for still born babies.

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No one prepares you for the hardest battle of all: dealing with the murder of your family.

Four years ago, John Paul’s life completely changed when the unexpected happened, forcing him to look at the world in a new light—one that would make his parents proud.

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Did Justin Bieber Just Break Instagram?

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A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

 Justin Beiber just hit us right in the feels. The ‘Love Yourself’ singer posted a throwback photo of himself and ex girlfriend Selena Gomez smooching at the beach.
In just three hours, Instagram  has blown up with over 450 thousand comments. Not only are fans swooning over the possible rekindling of Jelena but too are outraged that he would share such a photo.

After the couple split up in late 2014, Justin and Selena can’t seem to keep each other out of their lives. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Justin explained

“[She] is someone I love dearly. I’m never going to stop loving her. I’m never going to stop checking in on her. I don’t think if you end a relationship, you should end that, unless it was super toxic and you guys were hurting each other physically or mentally.”
This photo comes days after the reported split between Bieber and ex flame Hailey Baldwin where a source told E! News that “Hailey is not dating anyone at this time, just hanging out with her friends and working.” 
This isn’t the first time Justin has shared a photo of himself and Selena, late last year he posted a photo of the two holding hands.
Despite the stream of throwback photos, Selena is just as single as ever as the ‘Keep my hands to myself’ singer  mentioned in a radio interview that “Taylor is not single, Gigi is not single, neither is Kendall. I am the only single one!”
However, Selena not only liked Justin’s recent upload of her but also commented ‘perfect’ amongst the overload of comments of fans.
Could this mean that Jelena might finally be on the horizon ?
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The first tour of Cusco, Peru

Surrounded by snow-cap mountains, greeted by Peruvian women holding llamas and exploring the ruins of the Incas, who wouldn’t want to visit Cusco, Peru.


Visiting South America has always been on my bucket list and Peru has exceeded my expectations of the unkempt wonders in which it holds.

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Week 12/13- Critique

‘Grand-scale Interactive News: A Game Changer‘ is a storify report written last year details in the 2014 trend of digital mega stories. This report has a very formal approach which allows for the sentences to flow effectively. The link to the theory of narrative sets the report within critical thinking and so acts as a backbone for the article. With this in mind, sources are skillfully layered on top in a mix of academic and news sourced articles that provided a well rounded argument. This article uses a sufficient amount of embedded links along with embedded sources that vary in origin (twitter, images, articles). Overall, this storify report was very engaging and captured the essence of the assignment.