Robots, the Media and Culture

The current state of society has become dependant on technology and connectivity. However, when it comes to robots–which intrinsically merges these two entities together–societal views begin to alter.

I intent to research and examine media representations and socio-cultural values regarding the acceptance of robots.

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Stop horse(ing) around

We are surrounded by animals and we don’t even know it.


Animals don’t just live within reality, but also live within mainstream media, films, advertisements, shows and documentaries.

We, as consumers, obliviously accept most of the information that is given to us through the media and don’t question things further, especially when it comes to animals.

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Poverty Porn: Who’s story are we telling?

Poverty porn is a well-established trope in media-studies circles. Violent deaths. Bone-chilling rapes. Diseases that leave bodies ravaged and mutilated. Hunger that is evident in the rib cages of small children. These ubiquitous images practically define today’s perception of humanitarian work.” (Meikle, 2013)

Within western society, there has been an over-saturation of images across the media that advertise poverty within third-world countries. However, when I used to see images of poverty, I didn’t recognise it as poverty porn, until now.

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The Selfie and Empowerment

As a 20-something living within the current state of technology and social media, I couldn’t imagine a world without selfies in it!

I’m not saying that my phone is filled with selfies, because it’s definitely not, i’m saying that selfies have become so saturated within our lives–and the media– that it would seem abnormal to flick through my Instagram feed and not see a selfie.

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