My Blogging Reflection

Blogging over the past nine weeks has allowed me to create a deeper understanding of my sense of self. Initially, my blog was a place for un-related posts that I uploaded with no real thought of the audience’s perception of my work or even what each blog post meant. Before starting this class, my blog posts looked like tiny pieces of broken glass serving no greater purpose. During this blogging experience I have transformed my blogging style in an effort to glue the pieces of broken glass together with one key and common factor—the discovery of authorship. Now, my blog posts have become auto-ethnographical accounts that link each week’s topic to an element of my life, culture or past. This allowed me to blog as a researcher whilst also blogging for myself and identifying the key links between the two.

This nature of authorship was coined by Joel Bloch and Cathryn Crosby who’s work inspired me to transform my blogging practices into something valuable.

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The regulation of cartoons in my house

As children we all remember those little rules that our parents would set for us that we didn’t quite understand. Like, why we needed to be in bed by 8pm when our cousins are still at our house or why we can’t have chocolate after brushing our teeth at night.

One rule that was enforced upon my brother and I when we were growing up was: No Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network is a television channel that had mostly cartoons like  Johnny Bravo, DragonBall Z, Yu-Gi-Oh and The Powerpuff Girls.

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Attention and multitasking in the modern world

The world that we live in today demands our attention… everywhere! But is it really possible to be everywhere and doing everything at once? So I conducted a small test to see if people’s attention can be spread across different things.

My test used my mum who is a cake decorator and my brother who is an avid car lover and I observed their media consumption habits whilst they were doing what they normally do on a daily basis.

What I discovered was very interesting.

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Digital Storytelling Proposal

As time has gone on social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. On social media we share images and thoughts to create an aggregation of stories that make up our lives.  Posting photos on Instagram have replaced the photo book which probably sits packed away somewhere in our homes.

When we go to look for a photo we search our social media profiles. We approach conversations saying, “did you see the photo I uploaded yesterday?”

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Someone’s always watching you

Today, taking a picture is as easy as pressing a single button. But there was a time where taking a picture wasn’t so easy. In order to take a picture, you had to have your camera on you. Now, every smartphone has an inbuilt top of the line camera ready for anyone to use at any time.

But how has this instantaneous photography impacted our lives and the lives of others?

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Movies and subconscious problem solving

Cinemas are a place of collective entertainment where groups of strangers gather at one location for the same purpose. However, in order to get to this destination lots of organisation needs to go into organising a cinema experience.

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The Television Time Machine

Lets rewind to the early 1960’s.

You’re walking through the streets of Uruguay, you pass the shops and catch a glimpse at a box filled with moving pictures.

You stop.


Pictures like these were only seen inside the movie theatres.

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Is my (media) space really reality?

You know, our parents are right, it is a small world, and it continues to keep getting smaller. But where do I sit in this increasingly small world?

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