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Research Proposal

Choosing a narrowed research topic in BCM210 has proved to be very difficult as I like to think of philosophical issues that play upon my curiosity of the theory of consciousness and the involvement of technology in life. I have decided to narrow this down to the question: “How many students attend lectures at UOW?”.

This topic provides a social utility to both the uni and other students as it provides first hand evidence on the attendance of students to lectures. This then goes to look at why students miss lectures and the role technology plays to make ‘going’ to lectures easier. By ‘going’ to lectures, I mean streaming them online from the comfort of their bed. This then goes deeper to discuss the word ‘compulsory’ where students are forced to sit in a lecture just on the basis of ticking off attendance to pass the subject. Therefore investigating the interest of students and how this translates into reality and so the future.

I will investigate this research by conducting a survey that will provide me with an idea of the positions that students hold in relation to this question. From here I will branch out and conduct research on other studies such as Gysber’s research taking a similar approach on the question.

This question tackles curiosity, reflexivity and social responsibility as it allows us to understand our place within the world and the changing behaviours within the young generation amidst the technological revolution.

This topic should be very interesting!


Dance is Curiosity

It’s a curious thing having to lose yourself to find yourself. Just three minutes, the stage, a single heartbeat and a tedious melody is all it takes for one to be among all dimensions of reality at once, whilst still, to the audience being totally present. Continue reading “Dance is Curiosity”