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Happy Birthday Britney Spears! Here’s Britney’s 5 most memorable moments

It was Britney Spears’ 35th Birthday yesterday and what better way to celebrate than to countdown her most memorable moments!

5. The all-time favourite Toxic outfit

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In her 2003 release of ‘Toxic‘, Britney graced our screens with a dazzling almost nude bodysuit complete with jewels. Not to mention her totally amazing video clip which scored her a Grammy award for best dance recording in 2005.

4. Her 2001 MTV performance with a Python!

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Britney Spears is one for leaving a lasting impression but when it comes to MTV VMA performances, she holds the coveted spot for always seeming to amaze us. In 2001 she debuted her single ‘Slave 4 u’ carrying a yellow python over her shoulders.

3. On-screen kiss with Madonna

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Millions of people sat in silence as Britney stole the MTV VMA’s once again. Performing ‘Like a Virgin’ on stage with Christina Aguilera and Madonna, she emerged from a giant wedding cake and literally stopped time when she locked lips with Madonna. The camera then turned over to ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake looking as uncomfortable as ever.

2. The ’07 Meltdown


Who could forget 2007? In the wake of her divorce and custody battle of her two children, the year was reserved for Britney’s meltdown which saw her shave her head and go in and our of rehab.

  1. At the number 1 spot is our Pop Princess’ first song ‘Baby one more Time.Image result for baby one more time

At the age of 16, Britney released her first song and she was pretty proud of it too. She told Billboard that she knew the song would be a hit. “When I started working with Max Martin in Sweden, he played the demo for ‘Baby One More Time’ for me, and I knew from the start it was one of those songs you want to hear again and again. It just felt really right.”




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Shay Mitchell announces collab with Smashbox

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell has finally spilled her secret and graced us with the perfect Christmas present…to ourselves.

Shay took to Instagram to announce her new collaboration with Smashbox which will be releasing not one, but seven Cover Shot Eye Palettes on Cyber Monday.

Speaking to People style, Shay notes that she has always been a fan of Smashbox.

“It was really a perfect fit,” she says. “I am super stoked about these palettes because they’re different than anything I’ve seen before.”

The eyeshadow palettes come in different shades to match any look so there’s really no excuse not to have one.

Just to show us how much we actually need these eyeshadows in our lives, Smashbox asked Shay to wear each of the palettes in a new promo video.

Keep your credit card close because as soon as they go online they are almost guaranteed to sell out.

The palettes are: Bold, Ablaze, Smoky, Metallic, Matte, Softlight and Golden Hour. Selling at $29 each, head online to Sephora.com to snatch up your new eyeshadow palette.

The Australian Sephora release date is yet to be announced.



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5 simple things you can do to make your hair healthy again

It’s easy to forget about our hair when we’re rushing around doing a-million-and-one other things. It’s not until we decide to run our fingers through our hair and feel totally disgusted by how dry, brittle and dead it is!

But fear not, here are a few tips to make sure your hair is bouncing back to life in no time. Continue reading “5 simple things you can do to make your hair healthy again”

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Nick Murphy responds to fan confusion about his name change

Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, took to https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FChetfaker%2Fposts%2F1146758122028801&width=500” target=”_blank”>Facebook earlier today to explain to the world-and to himself-the reason why he ditched his nom de plume.

His announcement last September shook the Australian music scene when he told the world that her will no longer be using Chet Faker as his stage name. I think a little bit in all of us died as we started to wonder if we’d ever see his unique style of music again.

Continue reading “Nick Murphy responds to fan confusion about his name change”

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Camden Community come together to knit blankets for stillborn babies

Women from all over Camden have dusted off their knitting needles and taken out their wool after a Facebook post inspired them to knit blankets for stillborn babies.

Sharon Taylor took to the Camden-Narellan Community Noticeboard to ask the community to lend their time to make blankets or donate wool to support the Angel Blankets Australia Organization.

After posting to the Facebook page Taylor was inundated with requests of people wanting to help out.

“I didn’t think the response from the community would be so overwhelming but I’m just glad that we can come together to support such a great cause,” she said.

Taylor hopes to continue knitting with the help of the community to provide homemade blankets for still born babies.


Dating just went to a whole new level

What ever happened to old fashioned dating? You know, when you meet someone at a party, or at a park, or maybe they are standing in a museum admiring your favourite artwork? Ok, maybe that last bit only happens for Blair Waldorf, but a girl can dream!

Now, finding your soulmate is just a swipe away, and you can now test your compatibility based on their taste in music. Bumble, the female-led dating site is teaming up with the music streaming service, Spotify, to allow users to take a quick look at their potential match’s favourite artists. This partnership will link the two sites enabling users to discover different music by simply clicking on the artists, bringing them to the artists Spotify profile. If you don’t like their taste in music you can simply just swipe them away, its as easy as that!

Image: Tech Crunch

This new partnership isn’t rolling out for another few weeks,  so don’t worry, that will give you enough time to get rid of the music that might be a bit too embarrassing for the world to see. But, according to Tech Crunch, once the new update is up and running, there will be an option that will allow you to hide your secret musical loves.

The new feature creates a new gate for users to discover different kinds of music, new artists, whilst too being able to learn a little bit more about their potential suitor before they swipe. “Music says a lot about who we are as people and connecting culturally can serve a foundation for creating meaningful relationships” explained Whitney Wolfe, CEO and founder of the company.

Not only does this allow for great publicity for both companies and artists, it also acts as an icebreaker when trying to navigate that dreadful first conversation. Now you can do so with a little bit more info on the person, that’s not so creepy right?  But hey, who doesn’t like a good stalk before dating someone.


Discover where in the world you really come from

Imagine travelling the world to places you didn’t even know you belonged to?

Well this travel site, Momondo, is taking traveling to the next level. The DNA Journey–their new social experiment–was introduced just last week as a video showcasing 67 participants as they find out where they really descend from. 

We’ve all done it, introduced ourselves as a nationality or two, but in fact, we are much more than that. Our DNA is made up of tiny pieces of our mother and father, parents before them and so on creating an ever-growing chain of people and countries. This social experiment seeks to expose the hidden nationalities within our DNA and open our eyes to the world in a new light.

No longer belonging to one nationality but many.

In a recent survey of 7,292 people, in over 18 countries, it was revealed that over half of the participants wanted to learn more about the countries that they came from, where a quarter of those surveyed stated that they would be more open to people from these nationalities.

In an aim to bridge the gap within a world torn by predijuce, this video hopes to remove the stigma on race and nationality and bring the world closer together by showing the world that we are all connected, “in a way, we are all kind of cousins’ says Brad. 

“There would be no such thing as extremism if people knew their  heritage,” says Aurelie


Momondo is now opening this study to the world where we can now embark upon our own DNA journey. With 500 DNA kits available, if you are in a country that allows for DNA handling (thankfully, Australia is on that list!) you can open up the world and discover your heritage. Hidden deep within your very genetic makeup, you’ll be shocked by what you find. Not only do you get to find out where you come from, but you could also win a trip to all the countries within your DNA! Now that’s a DNA journey.