Apple AirPods vs. Everything else

Here we are once again debating the war between IOS and Android. But with the introduction of the new iPhone 7 yesterday, the war just got a little bit more entertaining.

Long gone are the days of the headphone jack, Apple has introduced AirPods as a new wireless way to listen to music.

But why is this so controversial?

It’s because iPhones are a closed device were Apple controls its platform, content and user interaction.

Focusing on its user interaction, the new AirPods change the way that users handle their device whilst creating a huge profit market by introducing features that are only compatible with their latest phones.

Apple has become more ‘closed’ as each new model is introduced. They started with a closed platform and software to closed content being apps and now to a closed user interaction being its features.

When the new lightning charger was introduced in 2012, users who bought the new phone could no longer use their old iPhone or iPod Apple chargers if their chargers broke, they had to buy the new one to replace it.

With the AirPods, all headphones and earphones are eliminated forcing users to abandon their beloved Beats headphones, their old Apple headphones and other cheap replacement ones because they are not compatible with the new model. This is the reason why Apple has such a huge profit market and a desire to attain dominance by forcing other companies to disappear.

Instead of an all inclusive phone, where they could keep the headphone jack and introduce the new AirBuds as a new accessory, they have made it mandatory to have the new earphones. By eliminating the headphone jack, they have ruled out any competition from other companies that sell headphones and in turn increased their revenue. This is shown in this video as Charles kicks out the CEO’s of Android companies like Samsung.

Users are locked out of using their devices in a way that they want to use them and are instead brainwashed into conforming to using attractive wireless earphones.

Mr Jobs ushered in the personal computer era and now he is trying to usher it out. We should focus on preserving our freedoms, even as the devices we acquire become more attractive and easier to use. (Zittrain 2010)

But what does this mean for connectivity? With the removal of the headphone jack, we say goodbye to the AUX cable, unless you want to pay $40 for an adaptor which connects to a dongle which then connects to the lightning cable port.

But the exciting news to come from this announcement is the fact that AirPods can be used with non-apple devices! This is the first step that Apple has taken in this direction because before now, every new feature and software that was introduced was made strictly for Apple.

However, this may seem like a step in the right direction, it is actually just forcing Android users to become familiar with the new Apple feature and then buy an iPhone 7. This is because when the AirPods aren’t used with Apple it loses the ‘magic’. “Of course, that “magic” is the quick connection, a virtual assistant and the ability to move easily between devices without having to re-pair them.”  So you might as well be listening to a electric toothbrush if your trying to connect your AirPods to your Android





8 thoughts on “Apple AirPods vs. Everything else”

  1. Ah you’ve raised some really good quality points here! Your meme’s were very relevant too! I remember every one hating on the new lightning cable ports. But, as time has rolled on, we have all just accepted it and moved on with it. I’m positive that this will happen with the new iPhone headphones too! Also in regards to the airpods, each new iPhone 7 comes with an adapter. So saves you the $40, unless if someone wanted to go out of their way for it. Yay apple!


  2. im still trying to figure out the practical point of removing the headphone jack. Lets say you dont buy the AirPods and use the the adapter for using headphones to listen. Lets assume the phone is under 10% and you need to plug it in to charge, oh wait that lightning port is being used as a headphone jack. you can charge and listen now. Then again people paid for those pricey Beats so I’m going to assume the same people will buy the AirPods. Would of been easier to keep the jack.

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  3. You’re completely right. The way Apple are marketing their products is to promote comfort for the consumer and to keep them tending and caring for their walled garden of products. However I feel like this was a step backward for Apple, by making their product less inclusive to that of other companies, manufacturers and creators, they are discarding so many possible consumers that they could have otherwise had and used for their product. This article (https://techcrunch.com/2013/06/11/critics-say-closed-apple-hears-dependable/) on why Apple is staying as a closed source alludes to the idea that without control, the Apple brand would plunge into chaos. However, by getting rid of an audio jack, I feel like their creation and marketing team are already breaking into chaos. Not my favorite product from Apple as now I have to get a whole new system, but none the less it will be extremely popular for some odd reason. I guess people just like comfort.

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  4. Some really good points you’ve brought up. The introduction of AirBuds are definitely controversial but it is really interesting as people get angry about the introduction of this new accessory but still go out and buy the new iPhone anyway. I think that $40 dongle will be more helpful than having to buy a new pair of AirBuds every time you lose them (its just waiting to happen). It just goes to show the hold that Apple has on its users through their closed system. They make it really difficult to get out once you get in. This mentality really draws me away from the company because of the lack of freedom, however, it appears most people prefer having less control. Meanwhile I’ll stick to Android and enjoy my freedom!


  5. I feel so strongly about the new iphone, especially the headphone jack. COME ON apple like why u gotta do this to me??? But with the realise of the lighting cable, it was a pain for users at first, however everyone just got over it and dealt with it. I believe it will be the same for those stupid airpods even though i don’t want it to be.. Apple are smart in what they do though, memes on facebook are increasing the hype (and disgust) of these new elements and will definitely push sales. Can guarentee that we will either all get over it, or apple will realise that they have made a terrible mistake… only time will tell!


  6. Great post and I completely agree with you. At the end of the day we have to remember that Apple wants to make a lot of money. They have slowly been implementing changes to their products making consumer spend even more then they have initial wanted to. With the steps they are taking the company as a whole is becoming more and more of a wall garden. Not to mention that they are trying to make everything “I” such an Apple music which is basically Spotify but made apple.


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