8 thoughts on “Pokemon Go: A Paradigm Shift”

  1. Your remediation for this week was really engaging. You balanced your information and insights about Pokemon go well with supporting footage of the game itself and raised some important ideas about the integration of physical life with cyberspace. The game manages to blend these two increasingly important aspects of our lives and create this new experience which brings people together digitally and physically. This was an interesting read which comments on the call to action which encourages Pokemon Go players to journey off into the physical world: https://www.sabre.com/insights/when-physical-meets-digital-what-pokemon-go-means-for-the-travel-industry/
    Just a minor suggestion when it comes to editing your videos, when referencing a specific person in your comments, perhaps the best way to highlight the name is by having some text on screen rather than awkwardly saying a name mid sentence. Otherwise, you have a really good presence on camera and balance it well.
    I also think your blog post could have perhaps commented on Ingress a little further, and discussed how the two games have the same basic premise (locate points of interest – portals/pokestops/pokemon gyms – and defend the locations for your team). https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemongo/comments/3kyklf/pokemon_go_vs_ingress_a_comparison/ ; http://www.npr.org/sections/13.7/2016/07/12/485719468/a-letter-to-pok-mon-go-players-from-an-ingress-fan The biggest difference in my understanding between these two games, and what makes Pokemon Go more successful than Ingress is the brand recognition. Pokemon was a universally recognised brand before Pokemon Go came out, and it has drawn a flock of new in a fleet of players who played the Pokemon games in their childhood to come back and re-live that nostalgia. https://www.quora.com/Why-didnt-Ingress-get-as-popular-as-Pok%C3%A9mon-GO/answer/Jules-Chatelain

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  2. Relevant topic of choice! From Pokemon GOs launch it seems as if barely a day goes by without some news about the game (both positive and negative).
    I’m glad you made mention of Ingress as it was a gateway towards Pokemon GO, however I would say that the developer, Niantic, was actually the middle man since they played a big part in creating both apps. In this part, I think it would be beneficial to the readers if you had made this distinction.
    You also asked the question about the future and whether the world will be built with games in mind which instantly made me think of virtual reality for the home. Augmented reality can work with how the world is already built while virtual reality, once you include physical movement, needs space to prevent items and walls from being destroyed. So it makes me think that it’s possible that in the future, homes will be built with virtual reality in mind where there’ll be a room specifically made for this type of entertainment.
    Overall, great post and good work on testing out your video editing!

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  3. I enjoy how you broke down the concept of pokemon go as a node. With this newly added node our society has already hop on it with great addiction. I have some friends who has made lots of friends from the game itself. In fact can we say this is a new paradigm shift for people to make friends. Reading you post really made me think of lots of paradigms that pokemon go is bringing. Like how people are actually getting exercise from the game rather than just sitting down behind a computer. Here is a list of benefit the game is able to bring so far http://healthmindpower.com/health-benefits-playing-pokemon-go/ . Another interesting I like to point out, could pokemon go become the new tourist map? Think about it, the locations where they have placed their stops are areas with mural arts and historic places where tourist would love to go see. If someone were to use pokemon go map and explore let just say Wollongong. Will they be able to cover the hots spots of the area? This may be a possible idea to think about for your final project. Overall great post!

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    1. Wow that’s a great idea! You’re right! They pinpointed specific icons that would be great for tourists to explore. Thinking of it as a tourist map, could it also promote travelling to different countries to collect a certain Pokemon? Could people become ambassadors for countries instead of gyms? Could this launch international alliances and a different understanding of the world–this might be a far stretch though!
      Also on the point of health benefits, it has helped people in physical rehab who are encouraged to play the game as a form of treatment. Playing the game takes their mind off their treatment and begin to walk again because it is the fear of walking that stops so many people from fully recovering!

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  4. I really liked your video. As someone who personally knew a lot about Pokemon Go and Niantic’s work with their Ingress a long time before it was released and took the world by storm, I think you really nailed the concept behind what makes this game work like it does. I was explaining to my dad a few weeks ago how the game works and telling him how Niantic was the company to make it who made Google maps, and he was blown away that something like this is possible. For our generation, living in multiple layers, whether it be the real world, the internet world or the augmented reality of Pokemon world, is nothing knew to us, but for older generations it is nothing but amazing and interesting.

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  5. Hey! Nice video and sweet post. I’m super interested in, like you mentioned, the interactions and influence the cyber reality can have on the physical. This came up today
    It’s crazy interesting how the immense popularity of this particular app is, allegedly, causing real world friction between pokemon trainers and local residents.


  6. I love how you used Pokemon Go to make your points. The idea of cyber-reality is definitely intriguing in terms of this new phenomenon – and along with our actual reality become more detached (things like Pokemon Go becoming a node for social interaction), and with the continued development and refinement of VR devices, we seem to be regressing and losing touch. The video was great, but maybe the mic/audio levels could be adjusted, but that’s pretty minor!


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