Discover where in the world you really come from

Imagine travelling the world to places you didn’t even know you belonged to?

Well this travel site, Momondo, is taking traveling to the next level. The DNA Journey–their new social experiment–was introduced just last week as a video showcasing 67 participants as they find out where they really descend from. 

We’ve all done it, introduced ourselves as a nationality or two, but in fact, we are much more than that. Our DNA is made up of tiny pieces of our mother and father, parents before them and so on creating an ever-growing chain of people and countries. This social experiment seeks to expose the hidden nationalities within our DNA and open our eyes to the world in a new light.

No longer belonging to one nationality but many.

In a recent survey of 7,292 people, in over 18 countries, it was revealed that over half of the participants wanted to learn more about the countries that they came from, where a quarter of those surveyed stated that they would be more open to people from these nationalities.

In an aim to bridge the gap within a world torn by predijuce, this video hopes to remove the stigma on race and nationality and bring the world closer together by showing the world that we are all connected, “in a way, we are all kind of cousins’ says Brad. 

“There would be no such thing as extremism if people knew their  heritage,” says Aurelie


Momondo is now opening this study to the world where we can now embark upon our own DNA journey. With 500 DNA kits available, if you are in a country that allows for DNA handling (thankfully, Australia is on that list!) you can open up the world and discover your heritage. Hidden deep within your very genetic makeup, you’ll be shocked by what you find. Not only do you get to find out where you come from, but you could also win a trip to all the countries within your DNA! Now that’s a DNA journey.


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