Welcome to my research project!


As a student of the University of Wollongong, I regularly notice the decrease of student attendance within lecture theaters as the academic semester progresses. Due to this observation, I chose to ask the question: what impact does lecture attendance have on academic staff.

Hi, I’m Monique Lombardo, a second year Communication and Media student intrigued in the life of the other side of the lecture theater.

As part of my research project for BCM210, I will create a series of five blog posts that will ask you to ‘tell me a scenario when’ in response to the question asked. I will invite lecturers from any university, across any faculty to comment on my blog posts and participate in my research.

You can comment on one blog post or all five and feel free to open up the space for discussion. Each blog post will flow from each other where I will reflect on the comments from the previous blog post whilst asking the next question.

However, by choosing to comment on my blog posts, you are giving consent to take part within my study. For more information: project information

I hope you will join me on this research journey and feel free to share this to other lecturers to create a well rounded response pool.

Follow the study on #lecturestories


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