Simultaneous confusion

Imagine, being totally lost within the havoc of the world around you, noises everywhere, things changing, but there is only one constant; you. This is the exact thought I had whilst listening to Hayden’s piece ‘Evening’. Listening to the piece, I recognised deep and sharp undertones of the manipulated dog bark contrasted with the lighter, and chaotic noise of commotion. Within my images, I portrayed this by composing darker, in focus snapshots to convey the ‘constant’ dark undertones–which too are darker in nature. I then contrasted this with a mini series of lighter, somewhat blurrier images which portray the lighter, confusing overtones within the soundscape.

The use of repetition of the same locale with different perspectives and manipulations of light was inspired by Olivia Jeczmek and Bildinstitutet’s photo series Symbiots. This series uses three locations repeated within a series of six photographs to look at the design of a locale. With this composition and conceptual idea in mind, I re-invented patterns within my own work to encapsulate the repetitious nature of the soundscape–thus emulating the notion of confusion and constant.


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