Disturbance–MEDA101/Area 14

Disturbance is a piece which depicts not only a locality within Fairy Meadow but also the other forces within it. I documented the way that people constantly bypass this area and simply drive through the suburbs preoccupied by their phone, cars or by their busy day. This therefore masks the stationary landscape of this area and morphs it with the fast pace of the cars, the people and the nearby school. Although, continuing with this concept of disturbance, I wanted to portray this specific area awaiting a storm. This then turns the stationary into movement and brings life to things once thought as dormant or not possessing great sound value. Therefore, my piece exposes the sound potential of this locality within an unconventional change of weather.

Focusing on noise, my inspiration for this piece was Gail Priest and her exploration of the cyclical nature of noise. Priest’s collaboration with Kate Carr in blue I green, specifically track 5 ‘transmissions‘ where she repeats the same sound–which introduced the piece–at the end of the piece. This provides a rounded effect and I decided to use this as inspiration within my piece to show that nature and interactions within it go full circle, thus bringing back perspective. I have included many sounds such as a school bell, cars, shopping trolleys, trees, buckets, lawn mowers, cracking bark and gates to create an eerie setting which pushes the audience to feel slightly uncomfortable and on edge. Thus, I am demonstrating an alternate view on my chosen locality.


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