JOURNALISM, South America

The first tour of Cusco, Peru

Surrounded by snow-cap mountains, greeted by Peruvian women holding llamas and exploring the ruins of the Incas, who wouldn’t want to visit Cusco, Peru.


Visiting South America has always been on my bucket list and Peru has exceeded my expectations of the unkempt wonders in which it holds.

After a long flight stopping off in New Zealand then Santiago,  Argentina and finally Lima, Peru, we had made it. We took the first flight the next morning to Cusco where we were immediately immersed in the Peruvian culture.

The city square was complete with cobblestone roads and traditional little buildings that surrounded the church. The roads are very narrow, forcing me to cringe every time two busses drove side by side, almost as if they were going to collide! Stray dogs roam the busy square that doesn’t seem to sleep.

On the next day, we embarked on a journey through the outskirts of Cusco upon a guided bus tour.

Our first stop, Pasic, where we drove through the small town and found ourselves at the top of the mountain overlooking the town.


After buying our ticket,  we climbed the mountain to reach the ancient ruins which was perched upon the peak. The temple above it is known to the locals as the condor which soars high and looks over. However, reaching this peak is not for the light-hearted. With high altitudes such as this your body begins to slow down, pressure is placed upon your chest forcing your heart to pump harder to keep the oxygen flowing. Although, the view once you reach the top is rewarding, trust me!


The sequential indentations within the mountain were created by the Incas whom would plant their crops upon each new tier.  The crops were strategically placed as to where the sun would best benefit growth. The bottom tier saw the agriculture of crops such as maize or corn where the top saw crops such as quinoa.







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