Week 12/13-Reflection

Photography and video are essential elements to any journalistic piece. However, I believe that you cannot have one without the other. Within a photo essay, the subtle use of videos changes the pace and dynamic of the work. This is the reason why I incorporated two small excerpts of video within my second assignment. The preparation for this visual interview meant that I needed to be conscious of the little gestures my interviewee made in order to capture them and place them alongside the dialogue. This preparation differs to that of a strictly audio story. For an audio story much like my first assignment, I only focussed on ambient sound, voice and sound effects that emulate a certain feeling or environment. An audio-visual story—the second assignment—entailed the preparation of both and being fully aware of both sounds and images whilst too being conscious of the light and shadow. A story’s visual can enhance how a story is heard as it places an image into the audiences mind providing them with the real sense of what it is like to be in a certain situation or live a particular way. It as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and I stand firmly with this statement. Audio too can enhance what is seen, within the work of Australian photographer David Maurice Smith, he uses sound effects near the end of the piece to draw in upon the emotions of the audience and place them into the environment of the subject. The use of the ambient sounds at the end of the multimedia package highlight the element of nature with sounds that all Australians know too well—the sounds of flies and laughter. This is what allows the information given throughout the package to settle in.


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