Week 5-A pause in time critique

‘A pause in time’ was definitely my favourite piece as it resonated to my own life and memories of being within a ballet dance class. The narration of the story was perfect! The character of the interviewee was evident in the tone of her voice thus creating a narrative arc in itself. She went on to describe the factors and stress of the world and the fact that “there is no food at home” in a fast paced rhythm. Then, she takes a breath–a moment of silence– and thoughtfully expresses being lost in dance. The choice of interviewee was perfect!

The use of the ambient sounds of the first ‘plies’ song in the R.A.D ‘Intermediate Ballet’ syllabus directly linked to the interviewee’s connection with not only the space but too the space immersed within song. This set the scene of a ballet dancer. However, it was the subtle voice of the dance teacher that brought this audio assignment full circle. A ballet teacher’s voice is always coined within the tempo of the music, forever forcing dancers to remember the voice of the teacher whilst dancing–pieces of advice such as “tummy, tuck, toosh” forever reminding dancers of posture during plies.


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