Week 4-In change comes new perspective

My vision for this assignment is to evoke an emotion. My life being made up of an unconventional family life and connection, what better story to communicate but that of my dad. My dad, Antonino Lombardo left Australia in 2005 to live in the Philippines after claiming bancrupsy. However, he hasn’t left his past behind but lives in both simultaneously.  Calling both Sydney and Manila home, he has found a new appreciation for both lifestyles ultimately creating a new outlook in life.

My dad is a very shy person especially when he is being recorded and so is very conscious of how his voice sounds thus setting the tone and providing insight into his character. Although, due to distance between my father and I, the interview was recorded over the phone in the hope to emulate the feeling of distance between himself and his old life, home and children.

I have a hope to set the mood of the story with music that will softly play in the background further emulating a single emotion.  I hope to mix ambient sounds of the Filipino lifestyle—the jimneys, traffic and children—and juxtapose it with the sounds of Australia—laughter and privileges such as toys and order.

I hope that this assignment stays true to my dads struggles in moving overseas alone, leaving his life behind whilst also appreciating both his new and old homes knowing that in change comes perspective.

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