dancing, JRNL102, relfection, salsa, soundcloud, week3

Week 3-Dancing to the sound of music

Dance, it is hard to capture ambient sounds of a lively floor of people moving to the same beat. Visually, it is a spectacle. Although, there is barely moments of silence in music where people’s feet are still moving. This made it difficult for me to naturally capture the sounds of heels hitting the timber floor as the music drowned these sounds out.

Determined to capture theses sounds, I recorded the sounds of the heel against the timber seperatly, although when stiching together the ambient sounds and the music it proved difficult as some of the ambient sounds did not match the beat or actions of the music in the background.

I was only able to use small snippet of ambient sound complete with clicks, claps and the sound of heels against timber. This together with the commentator’s voice and the music created the feeling of walking onto stage and being lost within music.


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