A Powerful Voice for Change in a Desperate World

Helplessly waiting for a small pocket of life to pull you from the brim of death is a feeling felt all too well by thousands in the world today.

The incredible feeling of endearment surges as the prosperity of saving the life of another fuels the need to donate blood. At the age of eighteen, University of Wollongong student, Luke Mckellar saw the desperate need for blood donations within a world of need. After being elected vice captain of Woonona High School, he soon realised the tremendous power his position granted,  not only within his school but too his community. With the aim to leave behind a legacy in his last year of schooling he single-handedly organised blood drives for Red Cross.

“After finishing the blood drive I had successfully recorded 24 blood donations which again could potentially save 72 lives,” Luke said.

A wide-eyed smile crept upon his face as the sheer amount of people that he had influenced to continue upon his journey overwhelmed his face.

It started with a spark. A fire that now burns through countless others as they continue to grasp the passion for making a change and taking a leap where many dare not to go.

“I remember after the blood drive I couldn’t stop smiling for weeks. Just goes to show how a few little acts can impact on people’s lives” Luke said.

-“I have encouraged people to realise how many people actually needed blood”–Luke

Determined to “make the blood drive as fun as possible,” Luke set up game where he asked the students what their last words would be if they were to die donating blood.

“They were already doing a good deed, I didn’t want it to seem like a chore to people,” Luke noted.

Epic lines were crafted that put a lighthearted spin on such a serious cause. Later, the line was uploaded to Facebook attached to a photo of the student donating blood.

A year later, Luke’s legacy still breathes through the lives of the students as year twelve student Amelia McPherson holds the reigns encouraging others to stand up for change.

Although, being a university student doesn’t stop his passion to give others a second lease in life.

Luke’s infectious and determined nature saw him spreading awareness on Facebook where he emulated the fact that only one in thirty donate were one in three people need blood. His ability to speak out saw a multitude of comments of support where others were shocked by the statistic. However, it was one message that forced the always chattering Luke to stop in his tracks.

Thank you, Thanks to people like you I survived and my kids have a mum. Thank you a million times,” Samantha wrote.

One deep breath was taken as his purpose for being was put into perspective. He might not have saved this mother, but he could have saved someone else’s mother who too had a life to give to her children.

More determined now than ever, Luke strives to continue igniting his passion within others and making a change the world needs.

“Simply one of the best things I’ve ever done,” Luke said.

One donation goes along way, continue to ignite the world upon Luke’s journey and donate today at 13 14 95. Make a difference in the world and make sure to grab it with both hands.”

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