Toto, i dont think we’re in the material world anymore!


In an evolving world it may seem that digital is overtaking material, however as guest lecturer Jo Law stated; “digital and material work together“. From here I went to research the term phygital where it is the mergence of physical and digital as both have great values that when put together better enhance the experience of the world.

Isn’t digital enough to satisfy the digital world and its consumers/prosumers?

The answer in my opinion is no! There is a certain attachment with the tangible that brings a sense of nostalgia. This is much the same with holding a physical photo of the past–reminiscing about the memories whilst linking that with the texture, size and smell of the photograph. Bringing together the digital and the material brings back this sense of nostalgia to current technologies whist still being able to connect to the world.

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11 thoughts on “Toto, i dont think we’re in the material world anymore!”

  1. Hey!I like how you’ve made reference to the fact that now we are wanting a more tangible item rather than the digital in the case of photos, just like it was in the beginning of cameras and early photography days. I didn’t attend this weeks lecture so looking at people’s blog posts for the week have given me a good insight into what I have to create this week. Your post is informative and your use of Prezi was good as it 100% helped me understand the concept! Have you looked at the theories of ‘new’ materialism? It helped me understand this weeks topic a little better… Great blog post!


    1. I’m glad that my bog post has helped you!
      Thanks for suggesting new materialism– it actually ties in so well with my blog post, talking about the fragility of objects which works with physical images from older cameras.


  2. Hi, I really enjoyed your blog post this week about the physical and digital world. Your prezi was really interesting to read and made the topic a lot clearer for me. I also think the camera was a very good example to use. It’s interesting to see how much cameras and other physical items have evolved into the digital world! Blending physical and digital together creates so many possibilities, and your blog really proved this point! Thank you


    1. Thankyou! I’m glad you enjoyed my prezi. Its hard to see how we have evolved so much sometimes because the world is constantly changing and evolving. This little splash of the old with physical photos brings back this nostalgia, and im excited to see where this new hybrid will take us!

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  3. I love your title! Its so catchy and fun.
    I like that you used the term ‘phygital’ and placed a focus on photography and film. While photography and film can be used as a form of animation, I think it was really unique that you chose to look at how cameras have changed and this idea of the ‘socialmatic camera’. If you were wanting to expand this idea of society wanting more things to be tangible you could look into the term of ‘speculative realism’.


    1. Thankyou! I’m very proud of the title, it worked well!
      I wanted to steer away from the typical posts about animation and twist it into the camera–the medium that is used for animation.
      I haven’t heard of speculative realism before, i just looked it up though, and it seems very in depth and from what i’ve read, it is about the paradox of reality of thought and being. I would love to look into this further!


  4. Great post for this weeks lecture. I like how you had used cameras as your base and from there expand how it went from physical to digital then to a hybrid. In a way you can say that this is the tread. People do enjoy modern technology but sometimes we fall back with older technology such as the vinyl becoming popular again. That’s why we need a hybrid! Once again great post!


    1. Thankyou for your feedback! I find that even people in our generation tend to fall back on the familiar, or the old–like vinyl or newsapapers or even hard cover books! Hybrid is a way to accommodate for both those of us who love the old( i know i definitely do!) and the new upcoming generation reliant on the digital. The best of both worlds!


  5. This is a fascinating argument you have created. I definitely agree with the idea that as we advance into new areas with technological mediums, we will still retain some kind of connection to the previous developments as well (hence creating hybridity). We see that even today, with collectors seeking out the original vinyl albums by The Beatles, despite the availability of the same content on digital services like iTunes. Here is an article that explores that concept in depth:


    Your Prezi was very well made, and I agree with your thesis that we are almost in a cycle, where our longing for nostalgia is brought together with our desire for new innovation. Would have loved to see more of your own personal opinion, but nonetheless a very good post, and effective use of the Prezi platform.


    1. Thanks for link! Its very true though, even though we are evolving, we are fixated by the past. I’m glad that you understood where i was going with the prezi and my concept!


  6. Great title and great prezi! I completely agree with you in needing something tangible. Continuing on from your example of the camera, I know that I prefer to look at physical photographs in an album rather than flicking through them on my computer. I had never heard of the Socialmatic camera either, which is an interesting concept! It was also a good example to use to explain this week’s content, it definitely made it a lot clearer for me 🙂


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