Who said comic books were a thing of the past?

Comic books are what initiated the world that is Marvel. he comic books revolutionised the genre that is the ‘superhero’. The characters each with their own unique qualities mimic qualities that are found within humanity.

So why just leave them in the confines of the few pages of the coloured comic? Marvel has used these comics as a basis for the new universe that they have created that has put the whole world in anticipation for what’s next.

portrait_incredibleMarvel Comics #1 (Original isn’t it!) was the first comic that set the Marvel Universe into motion. It was this first comic created in 1950 that the ‘Human Torch’ debuted who later became a member of ‘The Fantastic Four’.

Not only did the movies cross over, but every now and then so did the comics revealing just that little bit more about the character.

However, the movies are also impacting the comic books as Publisher Dan Buckley stated:

There’s no way that these movies, which are seen by millions of people, are not influencing what we’re doing in the books.

Being apart of the largest franchise in the world, its hard not for each aspect to influence each other.

Continue this journey here.

Reference: (text post)

Brown, A 2013 ‘How Marvel’s superheroes found the magic to make us all true believers’, The Guardian, 1 September, last viewed 25 April 2015 <http://www.theguardian.com/film/2013/aug/31/marvel-superheroes-true-believers&gt;


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