What clique? Marvel has no clique!

The first Marvel game was released on Atari 2600 in 1982 followed by The Fantastic Four video game.

As video game consoles evolved so did the games, allowing users to play on different consoles like that of ‘Daredevil‘  premiering on Gameboy in 2003.

Marvel-super-hero-squad-coverSome games are stand alone whereas others incorporate characters from the movies that cross over, thus creating a systematic link between the games, movies and comics–transmedia.

Transmedia allows for the franchise which started out as a comic book series to grow and touch as many people as possible due to its spread across different platforms.

Games beneath the Marvel branch too act as a multimedia model as the same game is produced amongst different consoles, however, what makes the gaming a true marvel (ie. spectacle, not the Marvel franchise, I just had to use the pun anyway) is the ability that characters and storylines have to cross over into other games mixing the plotline and experimenting the characters durability in a world that is not their own. This is the true element of Marvel that keeps a large viewership hooked on the world that is MARVEL.

Congratulations! You’ve now reached the end of my very own transmedia loop. Every post, prezi and meme and can be read and fully understood on its own, however, read together it creates a cohesive whole in understanding transmedia in Marvel.

Notice how both the meme and the text post that follows directly relate with the same concept of gaming. However, both can be read individually with no need for the other post to aid the understanding of the first meme. The text post provides more information and appeals to a different audience–one that prefers reading over interpreting memes.

Giant Bomb, ‘Marvel:Games’, Giant Bomb, last viewed 25 April 2015 <http://www.giantbomb.com/marvel/3025-173/>

2 thoughts on “What clique? Marvel has no clique!”

  1. Really thorough response, but not too long! I love how marvel allows for almost anything to happen and they represent that in all of their transmedia platforms. All of the AU’s alone make it such a goldmine for possibility. Great choice, and great post!


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