Have you Marveled?

Marvel has become one of the most successful transmedia franchise of all time.

 The ways that the transcultural flows of popular culture inspire new forms of global consciousness and cultural competency.–Jenkins

Growing from comics in the early 1940’s, the franchise has re-vamped the ideas within the comics and translated them into the big screen. They haven’t simply just ‘copied’ and ‘pasted’ the comic and made it into the movie. They have created something entirely new where key characters are written into new worlds, interacting with new characters, worlds and issues. This has grown to further television shows, a Netflix series, individual mobile apps for each character, video games, movies and the growing collection of comic books. Marvel is able to dance the fine line between entertainment and advertisement to create engagement.

So why didn’t Marvel just do what Twilight did and recreate the world of the book onto the silver screen?

The Twilight franchise is merely a multimedia franchise where the same story is told on many different platforms. Twilight was spread across film, novel, graphic novel, posters, games and merchandise; however, it was still aimed at the one viewership.

Marvel, on the other hand have exhausted all avenues in order to reach different audiences. In this way, Marvel is identified as transmedia—a different story told on different platforms yet can fit together as one piece. The beauty of this is that it caters for both old fans that have been following the stories of the beloved heroes for years and also the new viewership who have tuned in with the introduction of the Marvel movies. However, the movies in itself are referred to as the Marvel Cinematic Universe—thus a transmedia world on its own…

Now it’s your turn to go on your own transmedia journey!

Discover the Marvel Cinematic World here.

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