So, did you stab Edward Cullen with a pencil or what?

I have to admit, when Twilight was mentioned in this week’s lecture I fangirled…just a little bit. Ok a lot, but I promise it was just nostalgia from my pre-teen years where I was immersed in the not only the world that is Twilight but that of the remixes that accompanied it.

Remix is only possible with the emergence of new technologies and its accessibility to consumers which inevitable transformed the Read-Only culture to that of Read-Write.

The Muppets/Twilight

‘Young people of the day add to the culture they read by creating and re-creating the culture around them.’- Lawrence Lessig.

This YouTube video was created in 2009 as a parody of Twilight due to its huge fan base and the audience obsession with both the film, novel and of course Edward Cullen! The prosumer recreated the culture that is Twilight through the creating lyrics that both parody Twilight and the song Heartless by Kanye West.

With little skill, no expensive tools, cost or distributor, this video received 34,721 views and quickly became the something of a YouTube icon.

However, is value determined by the cost of production or by the demand and audience?

Although, this video lacking in professional quality and a filter, the video adds value to the culture that is read-write.  It does this as it stems off the 2009 demand of the Twilight phenomenon and the audience acquired by the franchise to subvert an exhausted genre like that of a Sci-Fi, Romance Vampire film into that of a remix spectacle. However, Twilight itself is also a remix stemmed from earlier works such as Bram Stoker’s Gothic Literature novel Dracula and before that the speculation of vampire myths that traveled through the early 15th Century.

Scoring points for creativity, is the video really original as it simply uses themes from the film whist directly using the backing track of Heartless?

Twilight book cover/Pokemon

The answer is hell yes! 

Nothing produced in society today is an original, in one way or another themes are borrowed, genres are subverted, songs are used, lines are lifted and ideas are stressed across multiple platforms. Over the past 10 years 74 out of 100 films are remixes, parodies, sequels or based off books or comics.  However, it is the new and fresh ways of presenting something old that makes it original.

This is the reason why remix is such an important aspect within the 21st century and the prosperity of the progression of the world.

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